Access HK is committed to helping underprivileged children in Hong Kong. We want children to break through inequality and deprivation so that they can achieve their full potential.  We insist that our services are provided to these children entirely free of charge.

We run three service programmes.

Summer School Programme

Every summer, our volunteers are recruited from leading overseas universities come back to Hong Kong and run a 3-week Summer School Programme for underprivileged children.  Apart from teaching English, the main aim of the programme is to boost the students’ confidence and interest in learning, which we believe will help the children continue to develop beyond the programme.  Meet our team and find out more about the Summer School Programme.


Teach an Hour

“Teach an Hour” is our weekend tuition and mentoring programme. First launched in late 2007, it gives young professionals and university graduates the opportunity to teach and be the mentor to a small group of children at weekends.  The programme is highly flexible – our volunteers may choose to teach children a topic in which he or she has expertise, or simply read story books with them.  Meet our team and find out more about the Teach an Hour programme.


A Day in the Life of...

"A Day in the Life of..." is a career programme during which selected children are given the opportunity to shadow someone in a career in which he or she is interested.

Launched in July 2014, three students (aged 10) were invited to shadow two practising barristers (both former Access HK Executive Committee members) for a day.

If you would like to offer our students with an opportunity to to visit your workplace, or to give them a talk about your career, please contact us at