Are you... 

Looking for a meaningful and rewarding summer?

Hoping to make use of your qualities to create a better society?

Wanting to help the less fortunate but not sure how?

Join Access HK!


Currently, we run several programmes for children aged 6-12, including:

-  a Summer School Programme  held in every July and August, during which our volunteers recruited from top universities all over the world teach underprivileged children at local schools for up to three weeks;

-  a weekend tuition programme known as Teach an Hour held throughout the academic year, during which our volunteers (mostly young working adults) give English language tuition to these children on Saturday mornings; and  

-  a careers programme known as A Day in the Life of…, during which selected children are given the opportunity to shadow someone in a career in which he or she is interested.

All of our programmes are aimed at widening the horizons of these children and are provided to them entirely free of charge.


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