Summer School Programme

A chance to make a real difference

At Access HK, we strive to make a difference.

In a city where income inequality is getting worse than ever and the underprivileged suffer disproportionately, we believe education gives children a ticket to a better future. We believe in making a difference first hand by donating our time, effort and love to our cause. 

Our programme throws you in at the deep end. From day one you will have to work hard with people whom you may have never before: form principals of primary schools in Hong Kong to fellow volunteers from universities all over the world, all for the common goal of improving the lives of one hundred ten-year-olds. Without any help, these children may have an idle summer holiday or hang out in the playgrounds of public housing estates where some are lured by triad groups, while their middle class counterparts attend extra lessons arranged by their parents.

This is what we tell every applicant each year. It is a great challenge and by overcoming it, you enjoy great rewards, just like many things in life. At Access HK, we cannot reward your time and effort with money, but you gain something much more important.


Hear what our alumni have to say...

If you want to participate in meaningful work that makes a difference, then this programme enables you to do so. While lasting only three short weeks, it was so much fun teaching and getting to know the children in my class whose enthusiasm and attitude made the experience incredibly memorable. It also presents you with practical problems that can only be solved by working with fellow volunteers as a team, offering a unique opportunity to refine your soft skills. It is a fantastic experience, I strongly recommend you to challenge yourself and participate in this programme.

- Jacky Lai (University of Nottinghan), Volunteer 2019


Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had! The work was a lot, but what we eventually got in exchange was the impact we made on the children. Planning for the programme and coordinating within the team was not easy, but it was a perfect chance for me to gain skills in communication and organisation as well as to learn from my weaknesses. Lastly, having an active role in the programme allowed me to make friends with people with same passion to help children.

- Brian Hui (London School of Economics and Political Science), Site Director 2016

Here is what our alumni have to say about our programme:" committee members and organised a three-week English summer programme for 200 underprivileged students...not only did I develop organisational and interpersonal skills, I also befriended many capable and compassionate young people...I think the best part of the experience is that I could contribute to promoting equal opportunities."

- Joy Wong (Oxford University), Site Director 2007 and Council member since 2012


An experience with Access HK rewards you with:

  • Skills such as how to lead, organise, and deal with difficult people. These skills will be instrumental to your future development; whether in career or personal life;

  • Lifelong friendships or marriage in one particular case (two volunteers got married with children, they met in the programme we organised fifteen years ago); and

  • Opportunities to make a difference -  you will know you have made a difference, when you hear the laughter from the very children who had dreaded to go to school every day before joining the programme.


Who are we looking for?

This year, we are looking for 6-8 bright students to join the Executive Committe. No prior teaching experience is required although some previous experience in similar charity work or other student organisations would be useful. The most important criteria are a compassionate heart and the ability to solve problems. Fluency in English and Cantonese is a must.

The position in the Executive Committee are as follows:

- Site Directors (2)

- Public Relations Officer (1-2)

- Secretary (1-2)

- Treasurer (1-2)


Site Directors

The Site Directors must show strong initiative and leadership. They will head up the Executive Team to achieve the objectives. The prime objectives of the Executive team is to design, organise and run the summer programme 2019. During the Summer Programme, the Site Directors should coordinate the Executive team to ensure the smooth-running of the Summer Programme.

Public Relations Officers

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for external communications especially with the media. Their objective is to promote Access HK Summer Programme across various media including newspaper, TV, Social Media, etc. She/he will also be working closely with Site Directors in organizing the summer programme.


The primary responsiblity of the Secretary is to work closely together with the Site Director so to assist him/her in achieving the objectives. They will act as the "internal-whips" of the team, to make sure deadlines are met, targets are achieved. The Secretary shall be responsible for compiling and achiving minutes at meetings/press materials.


The treasurer shall supervise/upkeep all receipts and expenditures and shall be the ex officio member of all Sub-Committees by being in charge of handling all financial arrangements. She/he will also be working closely with Site Directors in organizing the summer programme.


How to Apply?

Please fill in the application form here by 25 November 2019. If you have any questions, please direct these to us at Interviews will be held in December.